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If you want to try the Instant Messaging with CyberBuddy, and I am online, try my CyberBuddy UIN #1000 or UIN#1500

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The CyberBuddy can:
Cbiconf Keep reminders and get your attention when a reminder is due.
Cbiconf Instant Message with speech and animation.
Cbiconf Send Voice Messages.
Cbiconf Bring you the latest Headlines, in several news categories.
Cbiconf Give you the local Weather.
Cbiconf Tell you the time at designated intervals.
Cbiconf Check Your Email - Up to 50 Mailboxes
Cbiconf Get Stock Quotes - Reports when changes under/over limits.
Cbiconf Check your favorite web pages for changes.
Cbiconf Deliver RSS News Feeds.
Cbiconf Keep track and report on your internet speed.
Cbiconf Read text, web pages, documents or the clipboard to you.
Cbiconf Give Jokes & Thoughts of the Day from other CyberBuddies.
Cbiconf Filter Spam from email.
Cbiconf Remember to give you a compliment.
Cbiconf Let you have a little fun.
Cbiconf Speech Recognition and Caller ID now available.

Microsoft®  Agents are animated characters that can move around the screen and talk to you..  CyberBuddy will help you install them if you do not already have them on your system. There are hundreds of characters to choose from.

Now get the Premium Version of CyberBuddy with Speech Recognition, Caller IDand much more!

Now! Create your own characters Instantly from virtually any image!
Check out CyberBuddy Agent Magic!

If you have any problems, please look at the FAQ and Troubleshooting section. I update this constantly with new questions that have been asked.

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