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I created a character from an original drawing done by Powerpuff@Japanese (They grant their permission for use) The Powerpuff Girls and its related characters, logos and episodes are copyrighted by the CARTOON NETWORK. I actually created this for my daughter for her birthday. She has most all of the animations and best of all she's free!.

Click on her to download.
When you have downloaded her, run the
program to install her.

These characters:
James, Milton, Oscar and Claude
are created and produced by
La Cantoche production .
Click on them to download

How about a custom character made from a photo or drawing? Check out the "Custom Characters" page. have some really cute characters here.
Currently, they have a Jenni sample for free!
The other characters are extremely reasonable.

This is one of my favorite sites. They have produced some great characters with
full animations. I have recieved a number of emails from users thanking me for
linking to them. They praise the artwork and customer service of Desktopmates.
And now, by special arrangement, Morgana, Merlyn and
the full version of Jenni now come on the CyberBuddy Premium download !


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