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Question / Problem?
If you have a question about Cyberberbuddy, are having a problem, or need some information, please try the chat on CyberBuddy.
There are a number of knowledgeable CyberBuddy experts who monitor the group day and night. This is the best place to find the information you are looking for.
You can look at the CyberBuddy Online Directory, some CyberBuddy experts are shown in this list when they are online. You can also talk to "Cyber the bot", UIN 1111 ( ) . Cyber knows quite a bit.

Have you checked the CyberBuddy FAQ and Help File?  There is a wealth of information there.

Comment or Suggestion?
Please use the button above. Note that this is not for questions. Please ask your questions in the chat feature.

Contact the Author?
If you need to contact the Author, send email topix1p51.gif
Please do not ask questions about the program operation at this address. Instead, use the CyberBuddy Chat feature. You will receive a much faster response. Your email must contain the words "CyberBuddy Comment" in the subject line or it will be deleted by the spam filters.

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