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John does travel a bit, but if he is online, check for CyberBuddy UIN #1000 or UIN# 1500.
If you have your CyberBuddy running, send a message.

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John DeFino was a former IBM research engineer.  He left IBM to form his own company, producing hand held portable computers, in the early 80's.  John then helped take that company public in 1984. Shortly thereafter, he formed another electronics company with his brother Rick. That company produced electronic animated displays.

Currently, John is Director of Engineering  for an Automotive Electronics company in Texas. He lives in Coastal North Carolina and has been telecommuting to Texas for over 20 years. This was before telecommuting became popular. His electronic designs and software can be found in electronic components of many of the worlds automobiles. He has also developed specialized applications for the PC, Palm Pilot, Web based applications (the software that built this website for example) and microprocessor controllers. John writes software in Delphi, Pascal, C, C++, 6805 assembly and 8080 assembly. He holds a number of patents for telecommunication devices, security devices and automotive electronics. He has been an Advanced Class Radio Amateur Licensee for 40 years, and a licensed private pilot.

"CyberBuddy has been a fun project" said John, "I took pieces of programs I have been developing for some commercial applications and built a fun program for my own computer. I then thought others might enjoy it as well."