More Voices

You can get more voices for your CyberBuddy by installing the original Microsoft™ Speech Engine.
Note: If you have the CyberBuddy CD-ROM, these were installed for you already.

These voices (male and female), in some respects, sound very natural but they are not as accurate in pronunciation as the MSAgent text to speech engine. To take advantage of the additional voices you must do the following:

1. Make sure you have CyberBuddy version 2.00.05 or later. If not, download the latest version.

2. Download and Install the original Microsoft™ Speech Engine. You can download it from here. Or get the CyberBuddy CD-ROM.

When you are finished, run CyberBuddy, go to the "General" tab and click "Character and Speech Options". There is a drop down box called "Select Voice". This is where you can select from the various voices.

Now you can also have More Languages.

Additional Lernout & Hauspie Text To Speech (TTS) Engines may be downloaded from the table below.  You will need to download and install both the TTS Engine and the Language Add-On for the desired Language.
For example, to install GermanText-to-Speech, download and install both lhttsged.exe and agtx0407.exe
Spoken Language

TTS Engine

Language Add-On

American English tv_enua.exe (installed with CyberBuddy)
British English lhttseng.exe
Dutch lhttsdun.exe agtx0413.exe
French lhttsfrf.exe agtx040C.exe
German lhttsged.exe agtx0407.exe
Italian lhttsiti.exe agtx0410.exe
Japanese lhttsjpj.exe agtx0411.exe
Korean lhttskok.exe agtx0412.exe
Portuguese (Brazilian) lhttsptb.exe agtx0416.exe
Russian lhttsrur.exe agtx0419.exe
Spanish lhttsspe.exe agtx0C0A.exe

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