CyberOptimizer is a program designed to optimize your Internet connection and enhance your Internet experience. It performs several functions to achieve this. CyberOptimizer combines a number of features usually found only by running several, separate programs.
The program is designed to benefit computer users from beginner to expert. CyberOptimizer is differnet from other modem adjustment programs in that it evaluates your system and connection to determine the optimum parameters.

This help file contains information that will help you tailor CyberOptimizer for your computer and particular operation.

The help file contains information for the various tabs on CyberOptimizer:

Optimize - This tab contains the functions to optimize your Internet Connection.
Time - Synchronize your PC clock to an accurate Internet Time Server
System Info - Displays important information about your computer
Benchmark - Test your current Internet Speed
Tools - Some tools for advanced Internet Users
Hosts - Setup "Internet Speed Dial" for your most popular sites
Blocking - Block Advertisers and other unwanted sites
Options - Customize CyberOptimizer