This tab will allow you to see CyberOptimizer perform some relative speed tests on your connection. It should be noted that the results of these tests could be affected by a number of factors including your connection, your ISP's backbone connection, Internet traffic and the performance of the servers containing the documents for the tests. As such, this should be viewed as a relative test of current speed performance.

Select Test
Normal test, allows CyberOptimizer to use some different pre-programmed servers for the test.
My Own Test, Test is performed with the URL that you specify. The URL might be a page, or an image etc. It is suggested that a page or image of 100K or greater in size is used to provide the best results. Note that only one test bar will be shown for My Own Test.

Speed Test
Clicking this button will begin the test. The details of the test will be shown in the Window above. The box marked BPS will show the bits per second. A graphical display of the test results can be seen at the right. Note that in the graphical results, there are indicators that represent some typical Internet connection types. Try the benchmark test at various times to see what performance you might expect. Try it during the day, try it late at night when things are quiet.