The Internet is like the phone system in that addresses are composed of numbers and not names. If you call a friend on the phone, you must use their number, you don't dial in their name. To get the number, you have to refer to a directory or call directory assistance. The Internet is the same way. Its addresses are composed of names not numbers. When you type into your browser, your computer must first call a DNS (Domain Name System) server to get the numerical address. The Internet equivalent of directory assistance. It has to do this every time you type in
Think of the "Hosts" function of CyberOptimizer as speed dial for your Internet numbers. It keeps the numerical Internet addresses for your favorite sites in you computer. Your computer will not need to contact the DNS servers for this information because it is made available internally. Every couple of days, when the program starts and goes online, CyberOptimizer will update the addresses in case any have changed.
This feature can greatly speed up connection to your favorite sites.

To Add a site:

Type the domain name in the box marked "Add a favorite Site". The domain name must be just the domain name and not a specific page. For example: is fine. is not correct because it specifies a specific page. If you make a mistake here, CyberOptimizer will attempt to correct it for you. Add all of the sites that you visit often.

To Delete a Site

Click on the domain name in the list to select it. Then click the Delete button.