You can customize the way CyberOptimizer will work for you.

On Windows Startup

Run and Exit after online.
When Windows starts, CyberOprimizer will start and will run in the system tray until you go online. When it detects that you have gone online, it will Synchronize your PC clock (if selected), update any internal site address, then exit.

Run and Minimize
When Windows starts, CyberOprimizer will start and will run in the system tray. You can bring the program up by clicking on the Icon in the system tray.

Do Not Run
CyberOptimizer will not run on Windows startup. You will have to manually start the program from the desktop.

Fast Host Lookup and URL block

CyberOptimizer creates a file that is used by Windows for the "Hosts" function and domain "Blocking" function. This setting determines how CyberOptimizer handles the creation and removal of this file.

Always – CyberOptimizer creates the needed file and leaves it for Windows to use at all times, even when CyberOptimizer is not running. The Fast Lookup and Internet Blocking will work even when CyberOptimizer is off.

When program on – CyberOptimizer will create the file for Windows when the program is started, and will remove the file when CyberOptimizer is closed.

Do not use – This will cause CyberOptimizer to bypass the "Hosts" and "Blocking" functions. This can be used to temporarily disable these functions.

Note that changes as a result of the addition or removal of this file may not be realized until your browser is restarted, or in some versions of Windows, until your computer is restarted.

HTTP Setup
If you are on a network that uses a proxy server, enter your proxy settings here.