Speed up your Internet Connection.
Block Ads and Unwanted sites.
Synchronize your PC Clock.
And more!




What Does it Do?pix2p1.gif
  • Speeds Your Connection
    CyberOptimizer Increases your Internet Speed 3 ways:
  • Optimizes your system parameters. Windows defaults are "Compromises not Optimizes". CyberOptimizer will set the optimum parameters for your system.
  • Blocks Unwanted Content. By blocking advertising banners and sites, you don't waste your bandwidth downloading unnecessary images.
  • Fast Internal Site Lookup. Further increases access to your favorite sites. It's like having "Internet Speed Dial".

  • Optimizes Your System
    Whether you use a dialup, DSL, ADSL, LAN or Cable, CyberOptimizer will evaluate your connection, check your operating system and calculate the best settings for your system. Windows default settings are not sufficient for best performance. Unlike other software, CyberOptimizer tests your system and connection to determine the correct settings. It does not just choose settings from a list. Your computer and connection are unique, your settings need to be optimized for your specific system.

  • Block Advertising Domains
    By Blocking many advertising domains, CyberOptimizer further speeds your connection. You don't waste bandwidth downloading many advertising images.
    In addition, you prevent these domains from tracking you as you browse the web.

  • Internet Fast Lookup
    By using an internal list of your favorite sites, CyberOptimizer can bypass many requests to Domain Name Servers, providing further speed enhancement. It's like having Internet "Speed Dial".

  • Block Unwanted Adult or Other Sites
    Many Adult or other unwanted sites can be blocked. A pre-loaded list of thousands of sites is included in the program. Add your own too. And, unlike other programs, the blocking does not slow your program or connection. And, the blocking can remain in effect, even when the program is not running.

  • Time Synchronizer
    Automatically Synchronizes your computer clock with one of the internet time servers. There are a number of programs that do only this. Time Synchronization is just one of the features of CyberOptimizer.

  • More ...
    You'll find even more packed in this super program.  A screen is included that shows your systems parameters. Another, for the more advanced user, has tools to allow you to Ping a server, test for MTU to a server or use DNS to Lookup an Internet Domain address. Another screen allows you to test your current connection speed and gives you a visual representation of the results.

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