CyberOptimizer Screen Shots

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Thumbnail CyberOptimizer About Screen
Thumbnail The Optimizing Screen. After performing tests on your connection, and matching information with your version of Windows, CyberOptimizer will display the results.
Don't know what they mean? No Problem.
Now, click the Apply button to update your system.
Thumbnail See how your connection is performing currently. This actual speed test performs a series of downloads and gives a graphics presentation of the results.
Thumbnail Synchronizing your PC clock could not be easier.
Thumbnail A display of you actual system information can be seen in this screen.
Thumbnail By adding your favorite domain addresses here, you can greatly speed up your online experience.
This feature causes these addresses to be looked up once every coupel of days instead of once each time you visit the site.
Thumbnail Block those unwanted sites.
Blocking ads saves time by not downloading the advertising images.
It also keeps theses sites from tracking you.
Thumbnail The operation of CyberOptimizer can be tailored to your requirements.