Get the CyberBuddy Premuim Version, all required files, and many features, characters and additions that can be found nowhere else
All for Only $19.50 with no shipping charges (download)
No Fees - No Subscriptions
Win 7 8, 10 and beyond Compatible
The Premium Download has ALL this:
  The Cyberbuddy Program Premium Version
      More Voices - Unlocks the new Windows 7, 8, 10 and beyond Character Voices
      Speech Recognition Version
      Speech Rec with Phone Functions
      Simultaneous Characters Capability
      Remote "Chat Only" Window
      Auto-Animate Editor
      Auto-Correct Editor
  The Cyberbuddy Smart Installer
  The necessary Microsoft® files including:
      The speech engine core
      The speech control panel
      The text to speech engine
  Additional Voices
  Over a Dozen Characters Including:
      "Buttercup" Character
      "Buffalo Bob" Character
      "Cyber" the Bot Character
      "Morgana" by DesktopMates.
      "Merlyn" by DesktopMates.
      "Jenni" by DesktopMates.
      And More Characters...
  The CyberBuddy AgentViewer Program
  The CyberBuddy Story Builder Program
  Character Mover Program
  The Microsoft® Speech Recognition Engine
  Microsoft® Supplied Language Engines for:
      British, English, German Italian, Dutch, Japanese
      French, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Korean
  Microsoft® Supplied Language Components:
      Arabic, Basque, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch
      Finnish, German, Greek, Hebrew , Hungarian
      Italian, Japanese , Korean, Norwegian, Polish
      Portuguese, Portuguese (Brazilian), Romanian
      Russian, Simplified Chinese, Slovakian
      Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish, Thai
      Traditional Chinese, Turkish
  A Caller ID test/setup program
 If you're curious about how characters are made, there is also a presentation called "The Making of Buffalo Bob". This presentation shows how the Buffalo Bob character was made and talks about some of the programs used to generate the character.

This download contains all you need for the Premium Version of CyberBuddy including the speech recognition module.
    Talk back to CyberBuddy. Give him commands or tasks.
  • CyberBuddy with Speech Recognition, Phone Dialing and Caller ID
          (Caller ID May not work with all systems).

    Check System Requirements.

    The Premium version contains a number of files and features not available in the Free version.

    The Premium download now contains the CyberBuddy Smart Installer.

    The Premium Version Download is $19.50 with no shipping. Your order is processed quickly.

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