Short Cut Keys

When sending messages, there are a number of short cut keys that CyberBuddy has defined for adding animations to your text. These shortcuts are listed at the end of this section. In addition, Cyberbuddy allows you to define your own shortcuts and assign them to the keys ALT 0 through ALT 9.
When sending messages, pressing and holding the ALT key while pressing a number key (0 through 9) will add your defined text into the message.

To get to the Short Cut Keys window, go to the "General" tab of CyberBuddy, click on "Advanced Options". In the "Instant Messaging" section click on "Messaging Shortcuts". Or, while typing in the "Send" box on the "Chat" tab, press F2.

This window allows you to enter the text that you would like to have appear. You can also add an animation command or series of animation commands. An animations command starts with '&&' followed by the character animation. (For a list of available animations, click the "Animate/SFX" button on the "Chat" tab.)

So, for example, your defined text for ALT1 might be:
"Hello, how are you today? &&wave"
or perhaps multiple animations such as
"&&getattention &&announce &&fly"

The Standard Short Cut Keys that CyberBuddy has defined are:

Shortcut Keys

Name Shortcut
When sending Instant Messages, some of your buddies may have long nicknames. To assist in typing their names in your messages there are two shortcuts:
1. Double click their name in the online list and it will be copied into the "Send" box.
2. Type a couple of letters of their name then hit the F1 key. CyberBuddy automatically searches the active users in your online list and copies the name of the first match into the "Send" box.

ENTER key sends the message (if the "Enter Key Sends" box is checked)

F1 - Name Shortcut key (see above)
F2 - Brings up the Short Cut Key Entry Screen for ALT0 through ALT9 shortcuts.
F3 - Brings up the Animation/Sound Effects Window in the "Animate" Mode
F4 - Brings up the Animation/Sound Effects Window in the "Sounds" Mode
F9 - F12 Animation/Sound Effect Shortcuts as Assigned in the Animate Window.

(The shortcut keys below can be upper or lower case)

CTRL-S or ALT-S sends the message.

These shortcut keys add animations to the message
ALT-R adds a random gesture to message.
ALT-E adds "explain" gesture to message.
ALT-W adds "wave" gesture to message.
ALT-G adds "Greet" gesture to message.
ALT-F adds "Fly" gesture to message.
ALT-P adds "Pleased" gesture to message.
ALT-T adds "Think" gesture to message.
ALT-C adds "Confused" gesture to message.
ALT-A adds "Announce" gesture to message.
ALT-X adds "GetAttention" gesture to message.
ALT-U adds "Uncertain" gesture to message.
ALT-0 through 9 are user defined shortcut keys, as shown at the beginning of this section.

These shortcu keys add speech tags to the message
CTRL-R "Robot Voice" monotone
CTRL-W Whisper
CTRL-E Emphasized word

If you double-click in the Send Window, the word emphasis tag (\emp\) will be placed at the cursor position.