Advanced Options

To get to the Advanced Options Window, click the Advanced Options Button on the General tab of CyberBuddy.

No Greeting on Startup
When this option is selected, CyberBuddy will not offer a greeting and say the day and date when the program is started.

Less Animate Agent
Removes some of the animations (and therefore much of the fun). Use only if you must, like if you use CyberBuddy on your desktop at work and need to have him more reserved.

Custom Messages
This button will bring up the
Custom Message window that allows you to personalize some of the CyberBuddy speech items.

Select Language Files.
Some of the CyberBuddy text files have been translated into various languages by volunteers. You may select from the current files translations here. Some languages have had more than one volunteer provide a translation. For example, there may be German1 and German2. You can select the translation that best suites you. Please note that these files may not translate all of what CyberBuddy says, but should translate most of it.

In order to have these language files sound correct in your computer, you must have a text-to-speech engine installed for the desired language. Go to the CyberBuddy homepage at and select the "More Languages" section for directions on installing the required engine.

Note: If you have the CyberBuddy CD-ROM most of the available Language Engines are included on the CD-ROM.

Instant Messaging Options
Synchronization Enabled
Synchronization is the way CyberBuddy "synchronizes" your online list, with others during Multi Buddy Chats. (See the
Instant Messaging section.) If you do not ever want to be brought into a multi buddy chat by one of your friends, you can uncheck this box. Unchecked, you will not be able to see or be seen, on the online list of other CyberBuddies during Multi Buddy chat sessions. Private Instant Messaging will still work.

File Transfers Enabled
CyberBuddy has a built-in file transfer function that lets you share files with your CyberBuddys. To use thise function, you must have this box checked. When this is enabled, you will see a "File Transfer" button on the Send tab of CyberBuddy. See the
File Transfer section for details on operation.

Use Server Based Instant Messaging
Normally, when you use CyberBuddy Instant Messaging, you are talking to your friends directly, ie: your computer directly to their computer. If your internet connection is through a router or firewall, it may be necessary to set CyberBuddy to use Server Based messaging. When Server Based messaging is selected, the messages that come to you come through a server first. When using Server Based instant messaging, only the person behind the router or firewall needs to have this option checked.
Do not select this unless necessary as it can cause your instant messaging to be slower. Try regular Instant Messaging first, then select this if you cannot receive messages from others.

Send Short Cuts
This will bring up the
Send ShortCut Window. These Short Cuts all you to insert common phrases that you define, automatically in the instant messaging send text.

These options are for the Paging function of Instant Messaging.

Allow Page
Check this box to allow your buddies to page you with CyberBuddy. Paging is a way for your buddies to get your attention if you are away from your computer or have instant messaging paused. It uses a loud sound to attempt to get your attention.

Page Sound
Use this button to customize the sound you hear when receiving a page from your buddies.

Change Skin
You can customize the way CyberBuddy looks by changing it's "skin". Clicking this option will bring up a file dialog with a list of available skins for CyberBuddy. Select a skin and the look of the CyberBuddy program will change.

Skin Size
When CyberBuddy is started, it attempts to determine the font size settings of your computer. It then selects a skin size based on that determination. If, for some reason, CyberBuddy cannot detect the correct size, you may find that the bottom of the CyberBuddy program is cut-off. This selection allows you to force CyberBuddy to use a skin size and bypass the automatic detection. You may need to exit CyberBuddy and restart it for this to have effect. This setting will affect the main program, the
phone unit (version 3 and 4) and calculator unit (version 3).

Email Signature
Text in this box will be added to Email Sent or Replied to, as an email signature. You can place plain text or HTML in the box.

Message Time Settings
CyberBuddy gives certain messages such as Joke and Thoughts at random times. These setting allow you to adjust how often the different messages will be given.

Launch CyberBuddy on Startup
With this option checked, CyberBuddy will launch and minimize when you start Windows.

Multiple Users
If you have more than one CyberBuddy user on you computer, you may want to set the program up with multiple user profiles. This option allows you to define multiple CyberBuddy users. Each user will have their own options and UIN.
Type the name of the new user in the space provided. (Note: this does not have to be the actual name of the user, it is the name that CyberBuddy will use to load the profile for that user. You may for example have John1 and John2 as the profiles but the actual names of the users may both be John.). Click "Add New User". CyberBuddy will setup the new user.
To delete a user profile, click on the name in the list. Then right-click and select delete.

When there are multiple users in a CyberBuddy program, there will be an additional button on the
General Tab called "Change Active User". This button will allow you to switch between users.

Restore Default Options
This button will restore all of the original program options as when you first installed the program. It will not, however, erase your UIN or any additional Users that have been added to the multiple user list.