AutoAnimate Editor

The AutoAnimate Editor is a feature available in the Premium versions of CyberBuddy.
The AutoAnimate feature of CyberBuddy is used in the Chat (Instant Messaging) function. It can add Character Animations and Sound Effects when certain words or phrases are detected in your sent Chat messages.

The AutoAnimate commands are kept in a text file. The AutoAnimate Editor makes it easy to modify this text file to add your own special commands. For a detailed discussion on the format of the AutoAnimate Text file, see  the AutoAnimate Section.
To bring up the AutoAnimate Editor, go to the "General" tab of CyberBuddy. Click the "Advanced Options" button. In the Advanced Options Window, click the "Auto Animation" button in the Instant Messaging section. This will bring up the Editor.pix1p17.jpg

To add a gesture or sound effect, type the desired word or phrase in the "This Phrase" box. This will become the "trigger phrase". Then, using the Animation/Sound effect selection window, select the desired effect. (The Animations / Sounds button will toggle between character gestures and sound effects). Click the "Add" button and the command will be added to the "Causes This Animation / SFX" box.
Note that multiple commands may be contained in this box. When finished with the command, click the "Add/Update" button.

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