Auto Animate

With AutoAnimate, CyberBuddy will automatically add animations to your message based on keywords and punctuation in the text. This helps to spice up instant messaging.

The following is for more advanced users:

Cyberbuddy determines what animations to place in text using a file called "autoanimate.txt". This file will be found in the folder for the current user. If there is only one user on the system, it will be in the CyberBuddy folder.
If there is more than a single user, it will be found in the folder ..\CyberBuddy\Users\Username.

The file is a standard text file that can be edited using notepad. The format of the file is as follows:

search text|&&animation

Basically, it is the word or words to look for, followed by a pipe symbol "|", followed by the character animation. All character animations must begin with &&.

The word or words to look for are not case sensitive. "look" is the same as "Look". The word can be found by it self or as part of a word or phrase. For example, if you have the following command:

CyberBuddy will add the search animation for any line containing "look". So the following lines would have the &&look animation added:
I am looking for it.

The first word found in the file will be used. So the order that the search words appear in the file is significant. For example, if you had the following in the file:


CyberBuddy would never use the look animation. Since, "ok" is contained in the word "look", and it appears first in the file, CyberBuddy would always play the &&pleased animation for "look". To fix this, just change the order.
This would work fine.

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