Desktop Nautical Clock

I have a ships bell clock at my home office desk. I sometimes miss the chimes when I'm away,
so I created a computer desktop version of the clock along with high quality recording of the bell code chimes.

The download is a bit large due to the bell chime sound files. The program is actually quite small when it is installed.

Desktop Nautical Clock with Traditional Bell Codes.

Click on the Clock to the Right to download.

  • Traditional Ships Bell Code Chimes
  • Alarm Setting with selectable sound
  • Alarm Sound Escalates
  • Automatic Time Synchronization with Internet Time Servers

  • The Clock Chimes with the traditional bell codes on the hour and half hour. It also has an alarm setting with selectable sound file for the alarm. The alarm is escalating, that is, the alarm sound starts low and increases with volume.

    The Time Synchronization feature allows the clock to synchronize your computer's clock with one of several Internet Time Servers. With this feature, your clock should be accurate within milliseconds. When your first start the clock, and about every 8 hours thereafter, the clock will check itself against one of the time servers.

    Ships Bell Codes
    Bell Code
    4 8 12 8 bells
    4:30 8:30 12:301 bell
    5 9 1 2 bells
    5:30 9:30 1:30 3 bells
    6 10 2 4 bells
    6:30 10:30 2:30 5 bells
    7 11 3 6 bells
    7:30 11:30 3:30 7 bells

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