Character and Speech Options

To access Charcter and Speech options, click the "Charcter and Speech Options" button on the "General" tab of CyberBuddy.

This window will allow you to select an agent character or characters for CyberBuddy. In addition, you can alter the way the agent speaks as well as some other options for the character.
In order to select characters, you must have the characters installed in your computer. When CyberBuddy is initially installed, it is normally installed with one character (unless it has been installed from the CyberBuddy CD-ROM The CD-ROM installs several characters). Hundreds of characters are available. Many of them are free. Try the CyberBuddy home page at for links to more characters.

Use Multiple Characters
CyberBuddy can use a single character for all of it's functions or can use a variety of characters for different functions. If this box is checked, a box will appear that allows you to select different characters for different functions. When you click on a particular function, all the settings for that character will apply to that particular function. Even if you have only 1 character installed, you can choose different voices or pitches for different functions. The variations are endless.

Simultaneous Characters
When this box is checked, CyberBuddy will allow more than one character to be present on the screen at any one time. (This option is only available in Versions 3 and 4 of CyberBuddy.)

Agent Character Selection
If you have a selection of agent characters and want to change the current character selection, Browse for the desired character here. If you have a character called "Random", CyberBuddy will select a character at random for this function. When you select a character, the Character Animations box will show the available animations for the character.

Select Voice
This drop down selection box will contain the voices currently installed in your text-to-speech engine(s). Select a desired voice for your character. There is a box below with a "Say" button that can be used to test the speech.

Character Animations
This box will show the available animations for a selected character. When a character is created, it is designed with a number of animations. If you double-click an animation in the list, the selected character will play the animation.

This slider is used to adjust the pitch of the voice. Different speech engines use this pitch control differently. Move the slider around and test with the "Say" button. Sometimes, moving the slider a bit to the left will increase the pitch rather than decrease it.

This slider adjusts the speaking speed of character.

This slider adjusts the volume for the character. It is normally full to the right.

To test the speech, click on the "Test" button of the speech options panel.

Agent Size
You can alter the size of the character with the slider. The center position is the default character size.

Show Messages in Balloons
Checking this box will cause the speech text to appear in cartoon speech "balloons" next to the characters as the speech is heard.

Character Sound Effects
Many character have sound effects associated with certain movements. When this box is checked, the sound effects will be heard.

Hide When Idle
Use the check box and desired time interval to cause the character to automatically hide when it has been inactive for the indicated number of seconds.

Screen Start Position
Sometimes, the Agent Character moves around the screen to get your attention. But usually it will come up in a corner if the screen so that it is not too intrusive when it gives you information. This selection determines which section of the screen you prefer.

Background Music Volume
When CyberBuddy is reading a story, or a tutorial, or giving the tour, music is sometimes played in the background. This music is played using the computer's midi synthesizer. Different computers can have different volume levels on the synthesizer. If the background music is too loud or too soft, it can be adjusted to your preference here. Once adjusted, CyberBuddy will remember the adjustment and will make future background music playing using the modified volume level.

Speech Control Panel
This will bring up the Windows Speech Control Panel (if installed on your computer).

Character Properties
This will bring up the Windows Character Property Editor