Email Filter

Tired of spam? CyberBuddy can help.

CyberBuddy can filter out email, containing certain words or phrases, in the sender's email address or email subject line. In addition, CyberBuddy can detect special headers placed in your email by your internet service provider to identify an email as spam.

To access the spam filter, click the "Filter" button on the "Email" tab of CyberBuddy.

Filter Windows

The Email Filter Form has two Windows. These windows contain words or phrases to look for in the email. Each word or phrase should be on a separate line.

The left window contains words or phrases to look for in an email sender's "from" address.
Here you can put in a specific address such as:
This would filter email from this person. It would also filter email from or since both of these addresses contain ""

You can also deny email from a whole domain such as:
This would filter any email that had in the "from" address.

The right window contains words or phrases to look for in the "subject" line of an email. Any email received that contains any of the words or phrases will be filtered. For example entries such as "make money" and "traffic" would filter out emails with subjects such as:
"make money today" or "drive more traffic to your site".

Put all individual words or phrases on separate lines.
Each line for filtering must contain at least 3 characters.
The filtering words are not case sensitive. "Make Money" is the same as "make money".

With Filtered Email
Here you tell CyberBuddy what to do with the email. If you check "Delete", CyberBuddy will just delete the filtered email when it is found. If you select "Ignore", CyberBuddy will list the filtered email in the email window, but will not announce it.

Use X-Spam Filter
Many Internet Service Providers (ISP) now use special software to detect spam passing through their email systems. One such
spam detection software is called SpamAssassin ( ) another is called Xmail ( ). The software scans incoming email for various characteristics that are often found in spam messages. Each characteristic gets a certain number of points, which are then added together to determine the likelihood that a message is spam. When Spam is detected, a special header is added to the email. You do not normally see this header, however, CyberBuddy can detect this header and cause the email to be filtered.
Check this box to allow CyberBuddy to filter email identified as spam by these programs. If the box is checked and your ISP does not currently have this type of software, it has no affect.
If your ISP does not have this type of software, you should contact them to have the software added to their systems. It is very effective in fighting spam. And, some of the programs, are free.

Tip - adding addresses to be filtered:
You can add email addresses to the "filter from" list, directly from the main email screen. When the list of received email is showing, select the desired email. Then right-click. A popup menu will appear. Select Add to Filter. CyberBuddy will ask if you want to add this email address to the filter list.

Tip - To see how it works:
When you receive an email that you want to be filtered in the future, select something from the "from" or "subject" and put it in the appropriate window on the email filter form. Or select the item and right click to add that address to be filtered. Click "Done" to save the changes to the form.
Now, click the "Get Email Now" button. You should see that CyberBuddy has now filtered this email.

Recently Filtered
Curious about the email that CyberBuddy has filtered? Click this button to see the last 25 emails that CyberBuddy has filtered for you.