CyberBuddy Instant Messaging
This is where you can enable Instant Messaging and Voice Messages with other CyberBuddies. If your friends have CyberBuddy, you can send messages that will be spoken by the Agent Characters. The messages can also contain animation actions. See the "Chat" tab section for more details.

You have the following options for receiving messages from other CyberBuddies:

These selections affect incoming text-to-speech messaging as well as incoming voice messages.

My CyberBuddy UIN

This is your CyberBuddy User Identification Number (UIN). It is automatically assigned the first time you go online with CyberBuddy. This is very much like an ICQ UIN. Give this number to your friends so that they can add it to their CyberBuddies list and be alerted when you are online with CyberBuddy. If you have just installed CyberBuddy and your UIN does not show, try clicking the "Server Update" button.

Publish My UIN

When this box is checked, your UIN will be included in a directory along with the name or nickname in the box provided, as well as any comments you enter in the corresponding box. You can see the directory by clicking on the "CyberBuddy Buddies Page" button.
This will help if you would like to talk with other CyberBuddies.

If you have checked this box, and later un-check it, your name will drop off the list automatically in several hours.
The comment box will take comments up to 200 characters. You can type in special interests or a little about your self. (Advanced users: This comment can also contain limited HTML so you can highlight your comment with colors, bolding etc.)

Online Announcements
Check the appropriate boxes to have CyberBuddy announce when your contacts go online or offline on CyberBuddy.

CyberBuddy Directory
If you are online, this button will open your browser and take you to the web page with the latest information on CyberBuddy Instant Messaging, and a list of CyberBuddies who are online like to chat.

CyberBuddies List
This is a list of the UIN's of your friends. When you go online, CyberBuddy will check to see if the people in this list are online. If they are online, they will appear in the top box on the "Chat" tab.
Also, if you have selected "Messages From Contact List Only", you will receive messages and voice transmissions only from the people in this list.

To add a new Contact to your Buddies List:
1. Type their name in the box provided
2. Type their UIN in the box provided
3. Click "

Note: You can also add someone to this list automatically if they are currently listed in the "Online" list on the "Chat" tab. Just double-click their listing in this online list and CyberBuddy will ask if you want to add them to your buddies list.

You can delete someone from the list by clicking on their name then click "

When you have finished making changes to this list, click "
Server Update" to have CyberBuddy check the online condition of your friends in the list.

Away Message

If you sometimes leave the computer when you are online, you might want to leave a message in case any of your friends try to contact you. It's like an answering machine.
Type the desired message in the space provided.
Check the box marked "
I'm away now" when you are going to be away. If the "Auto Away" box is checked, CyberBuddy will respond with the away message when your screen saver is on.
To hear what your message will sound like, click the "
Try" button.

Advanced Users: You can add animation here as well, the same as in the "Chat" screen. Use && followed by the desired animation such as &&wave. Make the animation command the only thing on that line. To leave a more personal message, use the ## command which will replace the ## with the recipients name. For example: Sorry I missed you ##.

I'm away now
Will give your away message to anyone that sends a message to your cyberbuddy.

Auto Away
With this box checked, CyberBuddy will respond with your away message whenever your screen saver is on.