Teaching Cyber
Teaching Cyber.
The Cyber program is a continuing effort. He learns things as you speak to him. And he will remember these things for when you come back at a later time.
"Cyber, I have a dog named Sampson."
"Cyber, I like Ice Cream."

In addition, you can teach him specific things such as:
  • Words or phrases that mean the same thing.
  • Words or Phrases that describe or associate something.

    To teach Cyber about words or phrases that mean the same thing say:
    Cyber, "Adios" is the same as "Good Bye".

    To teach Cyber about an association say:
    Cyber, The capital of Pennsylvania is Harrisburg.

    Cyber will acknowledge if all is correct. This is a great way for him to learn like words, foreign language handling, abbreviations and such. Don't worry, if he already knows it he will tell you.

    To teach Cyber about words or phrases that describe something just talk to him normally. If you say
    Cyber, Jim is my boyfriend. or Bob is a fireman, he will learn these associations.

    The teaching of these relationships will help Cyber grow in intelligence.

    Advanced Teaching