AutoCorrect Editor

The AutoCorrect Editor is a feature available in the Premium versions of CyberBuddy.
The AutoCorrect feature of CyberBuddy is used in the Chat (Instant Messaging) function. It provides the following basic features:

  • Corrects common typographical or spelling errors when sending messages.
  • Can expand abbreviations or typing short cuts when sending messages.
  • Can correct the pronunciation of a word or phrase when sending messages.

    The AutoCorrect commands are kept in a text file. The AutoCorrect Editor makes it easy to modify this text file to add your own special commands. For a detailed discussion on the format of the AutoCorrect Text file, see  the AutoCorrect section.

    To bring up the AutoCorrect Editor, go to the "General" tab of CyberBuddy. Click the "Advanced Options" button. In the Advanced Options Window, click the "Auto Correction" button in the Instant Messaging section. This will bring up the Auto Correct Editorpix1p16.jpg

    To correct the spelling of a word, type the mispelled word or phrase in the "This Phrase" box and type the properly spelled word or phrase in the "Should be this" box. Here is an example. "Wehn" is a common typographical error. If CyberBuddy sees this when you try to send, it will correct it for you. Note that this can also be used to expand abbreviations and shorthand typing. You will see in the file that there are a number of abbreviations already included. Click the "Add/Update" button when finished.

    To change the pronunciation of a word, put the desired word in the "This Phrase" box. Then, in the "Should Sound Like" box, put how the word should sound. This can often be accomplished by misspelling the word. Use the "Try" button to see how it sounds. When the character speaks the word, the word appears normal in the Word Ballon but the pronunciation is changed with the new word. This is done with a "map" command. The command is automatically constructed for you and added to the list when you click the "Add/Update" button.

    You can also have an abbreviation, word or phrase use a sound effect. In this case, whatever is in the "This Phrase" box will be replaced by the desired sound effect. Click the "SFX" button to bring up the sound effect selection window. When you have the sound effect you like, click the "Add" button in the Sound Effect Selection window. It will then add the appropriate command to the "Should be this" window.

    NOTE: The difference between sound effects in the AutoCorrect Function and AutoAnimate Function is that in the AutoCorrect Function, the sound effect will be played instead of the key word or phrase. In the AutoAnimate Function, the sound effect is played along with the word or phrase.
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