Talking with Cyber

In general, you can have an ordinary conversation with Cyber. Here are some tips while talking to him:

  • Spelling is important, as he does a very limited check on your spelling. He can correct for some common typographical errors.

  • He understands most abbreviations and Instant Messaging shorthand. For example, "Cyber R U there?"

  • Although punctuation is not necessary, he does look at it to help him determine what you are saying or asking.

  • Be sure to use his name when talking to him unless you are in private mode. If you talk to him in private mode he knows you are addressing him.

  • He may have difficulty with compound and complex statements. Stick to one thought per question or statement.

    As you tell Cyber about yourself and converse with him he will learn about you and about the things you discuss. He will remember you just like a friend.

    In additional to normal conversation with Cyber, there are certain key phrases that he looks for to give you specific answers. Below are some of these key phrases. Note that although specific questions are shown in the examples, Cyber probably understands variations of these questions.

    If you are trying to teach Cyber something, see the page on teaching Cyber.

    If you ask Cyber a question, he will try to answer from his own knowledge base and will look to the Internet for answers if he does not know. To have Cyber go directly to the Internet for answers you tell him to "research".
    "Cyber, research when was Abraham Lincoln born?"
    When he comes up with an answer, but it is not the answer you want say:
    "Cyber, tell me more." Or "What else Cyber."

    If you want him to define something for you ask:
    "Cyber, define wristwatch."

    Some other research type questions:
    "Cyber, what time is it in London?"
    "Cyber, what is the population of Spain."

    You can ask Cyber math questions. You can ask:
    "Cyber what is 2 plus 2.?" Or "Cyber what is 5 X 25?" and other variations.
    It can even be a little more complex:
    "Cyber what is 2 times 2 + 5?"
    Note that you can say plus or + for example.

    You can ask Cyber about other users. It helps if you know the user's UIN (User Identification Number). If not, and you ask for the person by name, he might suggest some UINs if there are multiple people with that name.
    "Cyber, when was UIN 1000 last on?"
    "Cyber, what is John's web site?"

    Other interesting questions:

    "Cyber, what is my horoscope?"  - If he knows your birth date, he will give you your horoscope?
    "Cyber, how long until my Birthday?" - Again, if you have told him your birthday.
    "Cyber, what do you know about me?"
    "Cyber, what are my lucky numbers?"
    "Cyber how can I make my own character?"
    "Cyber, what is today?"
    "Cyber, tell me some trivia."
    "Cyber, who are you talking to?"

    Also, don't forget to ask Cyber about himself.