The Cyber Character

Bob Norris, UIN 29583 has created
a great 3D character to represent Cyber.

Click on his image to download. This is a work in progress. Cyber will have updates over the next few weeks so keep checking back here for the latest version.
Cyber's latest update is Feb. 12, 2002

Don't forget to check out Bob's Character Site as well.


The original cyber character was the first agent character I ever produced.
He was never finished. He is a very small character file. Don't download him if you have the Cyber character above. It is the same name and will replace it. I left it here mainly for nostalgic reasons and for those who may want or need a very small character file.
Download using the following link.
Download Cyber.acs
Place the downloaded character in the C:\Windows\Msagent\Chars folder. Now, when you talk to cyber, you will see him as well.