What will Cyber Do?

Here are a few of the things that Cyber can do. The list grows constantly. He learns more and more each day.
dot   He can learn about you and others. If he knows someone, you can ask him about them.
dot  You can leave messages with him for other CyberBuddy users. Just say:
      Cyber, Message for "John UIN 1000" message is "I will see you later."
      He will keep this and give it to John when he comes on.
dot  If there are any announcements, Cyber will let you know about them.
dot   You can ask Cyber for the date, time and other information.
dot   Cyber will perform math problems for you.
dot   Ask Cyber about people or things. His answers may surprise you.
dot   Ask him for the time some where in the world.
dot   Ask him what your (astrological) sign is.
dot   Ask him for your horoscope.
dot   Ask him what the capital or climate of a foreign country.
dot   Ask him to research something for you. "Cyber, where was Abraham Lincoln born?"
dot   He can tell you where to get information on CyberBuddy and such.
dot  You can leave a message with him to tell others when they are looking for you. Just say:
      "Cyber, I will be out to lunch for a while." or "Cyber, tell everyone I have gone to work."
      He will tell this to anyone that asks where you are.
      When you return say "Cyber, I am back." or "Cyber I am here.".
dot  And, of course, you can just have a conversation with him.