Cyber the Chatting Bot
Cyber is a conversational Robot on CyberBuddy.
But, most importantly, Cyber is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) robot.
Not only can your converse with Cyber and learn from him, you can teach him.

Cyber is normally found on UIN 1111.
To talk to Cyber, you need to address him by name.
Cyber, are you there?

Cyber wants to learn a number of things. First, he needs to know about you. Tell him your name, where you live and your gender. He will remember you for future reference.
Cyber, my name is John,
Cyber, I live in Pennsylvania.
Cyber, I am a boy.
If you have a website, tell him:
Cyber, my website is
You can also give him your email address:
Cyber, my email is

Ask him questions. He especially likes the "What is"  type questions. You can ask him about CyberBuddy, other Buddy's or most anything at all.

Doing even more with Cyber:

You can leave a message for someone that Cyber knows. Say:
Cyber, message for "UIN 1000" message is "This is a message"  OR
Cyber, message for "John" message is "This is a message"

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